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Jacobi-Eisenstein series of degree two over Cayley numbers.

Minking Eie (2000)

Revista Matemática Iberoamericana


We shall develop the general theory of Jacobi forms of degree two over Cayley numbers and then construct a family of Jacobi- Eisenstein series which forms the orthogonal complement of the vector space of Jacobi cusp forms of degree two over Cayley numbers. The construction is based on a group representation arising from the transformation formula of a set of theta series.

Heegner cycles, modular forms and jacobi forms

Nils-Peter Skoruppa (1991)

Journal de théorie des nombres de Bordeaux


We give a geometric interpretation of an arithmetic rule to generate explicit formulas for the Fourier coefficients of elliptic modular forms and their associated Jacobi forms. We discuss applications of these formulas and derive as an example a criterion similar to Tunnel's criterion for a number to be a congruent number.

Cohen-Kuznetsov liftings of quasimodular forms

Min Ho Lee (2015)

Acta Arithmetica


Jacobi-like forms for a discrete subgroup Γ of SL(2,ℝ) are formal power series which generalize Jacobi forms, and they correspond to certain sequences of modular forms for Γ. Given a modular form f, a Jacobi-like form can be constructed by using constant multiples of derivatives of f as coefficients, which is known as the Cohen-Kuznetsov lifting of f. We extend Cohen-Kuznetsov liftings to quasimodular forms by determining an explicit formula for a Jacobi-like form associated to a quasimodular...