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Characters of finite quasigroups VII: permutation characters

Kenneth Walter Johnson, Jonathan D. H. Smith (2004)

Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae

Each homogeneous space of a quasigroup affords a representation of the Bose-Mesner algebra of the association scheme given by the action of the multiplication group. The homogeneous space is said to be faithful if the corresponding representation of the Bose-Mesner algebra is faithful. In the group case, this definition agrees with the usual concept of faithfulness for transitive permutation representations. A permutation character is associated with each quasigroup permutation representation,...

Complex Hadamard Matrices contained in a Bose–Mesner algebra

Takuya Ikuta, Akihiro Munemasa (2015)

Special Matrices

Acomplex Hadamard matrix is a square matrix H with complex entries of absolute value 1 satisfying HH* = nI, where * stands for the Hermitian transpose and I is the identity matrix of order n. In this paper, we first determine the image of a certain rational map from the d-dimensional complex projective space to Cd(d+1)/2. Applying this result with d = 3, we give constructions of complex Hadamard matrices, and more generally, type-II matrices, in the Bose–Mesner algebra of a certain 3-class symmetric...

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