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Almost-Bieberbach groups with prime order holonomy

Karel Dekimpe, Wim Malfait (1996)

Fundamenta Mathematicae

The main issue of this paper is an attempt to find a decomposition theorem for infra-nilmanifolds in the same spirit as a result of A. Vasquez for flat Riemannian manifolds. That is: we look for infra-nilmanifolds with prime order holonomy which can be obtained as a fiber space with a non-trivial nilmanifold as fiber and an infra-nilmanifold as its base.  In this perspective, we prove the following algebraic result: if E is an almost-Bieberbach group with prime order holonomy,...

Coarse structures and group actions

N. Brodskiy, J. Dydak, A. Mitra (2008)

Colloquium Mathematicae

The main results of the paper are: Proposition 0.1. A group G acting coarsely on a coarse space (X,𝓒) induces a coarse equivalence g ↦ g·x₀ from G to X for any x₀ ∈ X. Theorem 0.2. Two coarse structures 𝓒₁ and 𝓒₂ on the same set X are equivalent if the following conditions are satisfied: (1) Bounded sets in 𝓒₁ are identical with bounded sets in 𝓒₂. (2) There is a coarse action ϕ₁ of a group G₁ on (X,𝓒₁) and a coarse action ϕ₂ of a...

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