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A characterization of Ext(G,ℤ) assuming (V = L)

Saharon Shelah, Lutz Strüngmann (2007)

Fundamenta Mathematicae

We complete the characterization of Ext(G,ℤ) for any torsion-free abelian group G assuming Gödel’s axiom of constructibility plus there is no weakly compact cardinal. In particular, we prove in (V = L) that, for a singular cardinal ν of uncountable cofinality which is less than the first weakly compact cardinal and for every sequence ( ν p : p Π ) of cardinals satisfying ν p 2 ν (where Π is the set of all primes), there is a torsion-free abelian group G of size ν such that ν p equals the p-rank of Ext(G,ℤ) for every...

A note on the countable extensions of separable p ω + n -projective abelian p -groups

Peter Vassilev Danchev (2006)

Archivum Mathematicum

It is proved that if G is a pure p ω + n -projective subgroup of the separable abelian p -group A for n N { 0 } such that | A / G | 0 , then A is p ω + n -projective as well. This generalizes results due to Irwin-Snabb-Cutler (CommentṀathU̇nivṠtṖauli, 1986) and the author (Arch. Math. (Brno), 2005).

Abelian group pairs having a trivial coGalois group

Paul Hill (2008)

Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal

Torsion-free covers are considered for objects in the category q 2 . Objects in the category q 2 are just maps in R -Mod. For R = , we find necessary and sufficient conditions for the coGalois group G ( A B ) , associated to a torsion-free cover, to be trivial for an object A B in q 2 . Our results generalize those of E. Enochs and J. Rado for abelian groups.

Almost free splitters

Rüdiger Göbel, Saharon Shelah (1999)

Colloquium Mathematicae

Let R be a subring of the rationals. We want to investigate self splitting R-modules G, that is, such that E x t R ( G , G ) = 0 . For simplicity we will call such modules splitters (see [10]). Also other names like stones are used (see a dictionary in Ringel’s paper [8]). Our investigation continues [5]. In [5] we answered an open problem by constructing a large class of splitters. Classical splitters are free modules and torsion-free, algebraically compact ones. In [5] we concentrated on splitters which are larger...

Almost-flat modules

Simion Breaz (2003)

Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal

We present general properties for almost-flat modules and we prove that a self-small right module is almost flat as a left module over its endomorphism ring if and only if the class of g -static modules is closed under the kernels.

An addendum and corrigendum to "Almost free splitters" (Colloq. Math. 81 (1999), 193-221)

Rüdiger Göbel, Saharon Shelah (2001)

Colloquium Mathematicae

Let R be a subring of the rational numbers ℚ. We recall from [3] that an R-module G is a splitter if E x t ¹ R ( G , G ) = 0 . In this note we correct the statement of Main Theorem 1.5 in [3] and discuss the existence of non-free splitters of cardinality ℵ₁ under the negation of the special continuum hypothesis CH.

Characterization of the inessential endomorphisms in the category of Abelian group.

S. Abdelalim, H. Essannouni (2003)

Publicacions Matemàtiques

An endomorphism f of an Abelian group A is said to be inessentia! (in the category of Abelian groups) if it can be extended to an endomorphism of any Abelian group which contains A as a subgroup. In this paper we show that f is as above if and only if (f - v idA)(A) is contained in the rnaximal divisible subgroup of A for some v belonging to Z.

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