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Binomial Skew Polynomial Rings, Artin-Schelter Regularity, and Binomial Solutions of the Yang-Baxter Equation

Gateva-Ivanova, Tatiana (2004)

Serdica Mathematical Journal

2000 Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary 81R50, 16W50, 16S36, 16S37.Let k be a field and X be a set of n elements. We introduce and study a class of quadratic k-algebras called quantum binomial algebras. Our main result shows that such an algebra A defines a solution of the classical Yang-Baxter equation (YBE), if and only if its Koszul dual A! is Frobenius of dimension n, with a regular socle and for each x, y ∈ X an equality of the type xyy = αzzt, where α ∈ k {0, and z, t ∈ X is satisfied...

Combinatoric of syzygies for semigroup algebras.

Emilio Briales, Pilar Pisón, Antonio Campillo, Carlos Marijuán (1998)

Collectanea Mathematica

We describe how the graded minimal resolution of certain semigroup algebras is related to the combinatorics of some simplicial complexes. We obtain characterizations of the Cohen-Macaulay and Gorenstein conditions. The Cohen-Macaulay type is computed from combinatorics. As an application, we compute explicitly the graded minimal resolution of monomial both affine and simplicial projective surfaces.

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