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A characterization of the minimal strongly character invariant Segal algebra

Viktor Losert (1980)

Annales de l'institut Fourier

For a locally compact, abelian group G , we study the space S 0 ( G ) of functions on G belonging locally to the Fourier algebra and with l 1 -behavior at infinity. We give an abstract characterization of the family of spaces { S 0 ( G ) : G abelian } by its hereditary properties.

Complemented ideals of group algebras

Andrew Kepert (1994)

Studia Mathematica

The existence of a projection onto an ideal I of a commutative group algebra L 1 ( G ) depends on its hull Z(I) ⊆ Ĝ. Existing methods for constructing a projection onto I rely on a decomposition of Z(I) into simpler hulls, which are then reassembled one at a time, resulting in a chain of projections which can be composed to give a projection onto I. These methods are refined and examples are constructed to show that this approach does not work in general. Some answers are also given to previously asked...

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