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Conformal mapping of the domain bounded by a circular polygon with zero angles onto the unit disc

Vladimir Mityushev (1998)

Annales Polonici Mathematici

The conformal mapping ω(z) of a domain D onto the unit disc must satisfy the condition |ω(t)| = 1 on ∂D, the boundary of D. The last condition can be considered as a Dirichlet problem for the domain D. In the present paper this problem is reduced to a system of functional equations when ∂D is a circular polygon with zero angles. The mapping is given in terms of a Poincaré series.

Contaminant transport with adsorption in dual-well flow

Jozef Kačur, Roger Van Keer (2003)

Applications of Mathematics

Numerical approximation schemes are discussed for the solution of contaminant transport with adsorption in dual-well flow. The method is based on time stepping and operator splitting for the transport with adsorption and diffusion. The nonlinear transport is solved by Godunov’s method. The nonlinear diffusion is solved by a finite volume method and by Newton’s type of linearization. The efficiency of the method is discussed.

Duality of chordal SLE, II

Dapeng Zhan (2010)

Annales de l'I.H.P. Probabilités et statistiques

We improve the geometric properties of processes derived in an earlier paper, which are then used to obtain more results about the duality of SLE. We find that for κ∈(4, 8), the boundary of a standard chordal SLE(κ) hull stopped on swallowing a fixed x∈ℝ∖{0} is the image of some trace started from a random point. Using this fact together with a similar proposition in the case that κ≥8, we obtain a description of the boundary of a standard chordal SLE(κ) hull for κ>4, at a finite stopping...

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