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Massive parallel implementation of ODE solvers

Fischer, Cyril (2013)

Programs and Algorithms of Numerical Mathematics

The presented contribution maps the possibilities of exploitation of the massive parallel computational hardware (namely GPU) for solution of the initial value problems of ordinary differential equations. Two cases are discussed: parallel solution of a single ODE and parallel execution of scalar ODE solvers. Whereas the advantages of the special architecture in the case of a single ODE are problematic, repeated solution of a single ODE for different data can profit from the parallel...

The combination technique for a two-dimensional convection-diffusion problem with exponential layers

Sebastian Franz, Fang Liu, Hans-Görg Roos, Martin Stynes, Aihui Zhou (2009)

Applications of Mathematics

Convection-diffusion problems posed on the unit square and with solutions displaying exponential layers are solved using a sparse grid Galerkin finite element method with Shishkin meshes. Writing N for the maximum number of mesh intervals in each coordinate direction, our “combination” method simply adds or subtracts solutions that have been computed by the Galerkin FEM on N × N , N × N and N × N meshes. It is shown that the combination FEM yields (up to a factor ln N ) the same order of accuracy in the associated...

Two implementations of the preconditioned conjugate gradient method on heterogeneous computing grids

Tijmen P. Collignon, Martin B. Van Gijzen (2010)

International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

Efficient iterative solution of large linear systems on grid computers is a complex problem. The induced heterogeneity and volatile nature of the aggregated computational resources present numerous algorithmic challenges. This paper describes a case study regarding iterative solution of large sparse linear systems on grid computers within the software constraints of the grid middleware GridSolve and within the algorithmic constraints of preconditioned Conjugate Gradient (CG) type methods. We identify...

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