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A short note on incremental thermoelasticity.

Ramón Quintanilla de la Torre (1983)


The equations of classical thermoelasticity have been extensively studied [1], [2], [3], [4], [5]. Only more recently the equations when the initial state is at non-uniform temperature have been established [6], and a well-posedness theorem proved by the author and C. Navarro for these equations [7]. Our goal here is to make a brief comment about dissipation in this last case of an initial state with non-uniform temperature.

An elastic membrane with an attached non-linear thermoelastic rod

Werner Horn, Jan Sokołowski (2002)

International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

We study a thermo-mechanical system consisting of an elastic membrane to which a shape-memory rod is glued. The slow movements of the membrane are controlled by the motions of the attached rods. A quasi-static model is used. We include the elastic feedback of the membrane on the rods. This results in investigating an elliptic boundary value problem in a domain Ω ⊂ R^2 with a cut, coupled with non-linear equations for the vertical motions of the rod and the temperature on the rod. We prove the existence...

Analysis of approximate solutions of coupled dynamical thermoelasticity and related problems

Jozef Kačur, Alexander Ženíšek (1986)

Aplikace matematiky

The authors study problems of existence and uniqueness of solutions of various variational formulations of the coupled problem of dynamical thermoelasticity and of the convergence of approximate solutions of these problems. First, the semidiscrete approximate solutions is defined, which is obtained by time discretization of the original variational problem by Euler’s backward formula. Under certain smoothness assumptions on the date authors prove existence and uniqueness of the solution and establish...

Asymptotic analysis of the initial boundary value problem for the thermoelastic system in a perforated domain

M. Sango (2003)

Colloquium Mathematicae

We study the initial boundary value problem for the system of thermoelasticity in a sequence of perforated cylindrical domains Q T ( s ) , s = 1,2,... We prove that as s → ∞, the solution of the problem converges in appropriate topologies to the solution of a limit initial boundary value problem of the same type but containing some additional terms which are expressed in terms of quantities related to the geometry of Q T ( s ) . We give an explicit construction of that limit problem.

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