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A frictional contact problem with wear and damage for electro-viscoelastic materials

Mohamed Selmani, Lynda Selmani (2010)

Applications of Mathematics

We consider a quasistatic contact problem for an electro-viscoelastic body. The contact is frictional and bilateral with a moving rigid foundation which results in the wear of the contacting surface. The damage of the material caused by elastic deformation is taken into account, its evolution is described by an inclusion of parabolic type. We present a weak formulation for the model and establish existence and uniqueness results. The proofs are based on classical results for elliptic variational...

Analysis and Numerical Approximation of an Electro-elastic Frictional Contact Problem

El. Essoufi, El. Benkhira, R. Fakhar (2010)

Mathematical Modelling of Natural Phenomena

We consider the problem of frictional contact between an piezoelectric body and a conductive foundation. The electro-elastic constitutive law is assumed to be nonlinear and the contact is modelled with the Signorini condition, nonlocal Coulomb friction law and a regularized electrical conductivity condition. The existence of a unique weak solution of the model is established. The finite elements approximation for the problem is presented, and error...

Effects of In-plane Elastic Stress and Normal External Stress on Viscoelastic Thin Film Stability

F. Closa, F. Ziebert, E. Raphaël (2012)

Mathematical Modelling of Natural Phenomena

Motivated by recent experiments on the electro-hydrodynamic instability of spin-cast polymer films, we study the undulation instability of a thin viscoelastic polymer film under in-plane stress and in the presence of either a close by contactor or an electric field, both inducing a normal stress on the film surface. We find that the in-plane stress affects both the typical timescale of the instability and the unstable wavelengths. The film stability...

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