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Aerodynamic Computations Using a Finite Volume Method with an HLLC Numerical Flux Function

L. Remaki, O. Hassan, K. Morgan (2011)

Mathematical Modelling of Natural Phenomena

A finite volume method for the simulation of compressible aerodynamic flows is described. Stabilisation and shock capturing is achieved by the use of an HLLC consistent numerical flux function, with acoustic wave improvement. The method is implemented on an unstructured hybrid mesh in three dimensions. A solution of higher order accuracy is obtained by reconstruction, using an iteratively corrected least squares process, and by a new limiting procedure....

Solution of elliptic problem with not fully specified Dirichlet boundary value conditions and its application in hydrodynamics

Miloslav Feistauer (1979)

Aplikace matematiky

The author solves a mixed boundary value problem for linear partial differential equations of the elliptic type in a multiply connected domain. Dirichlet conditions are given on the components of the boundary of the domain up to some additive constants which are not known a priori. These constants are to be determined, together with the solution of the boundary value problem, to fulfil some additional conditions. The results are immediately applicable in hydrodynamics to the solution of problems...

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