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Expériences with Stochastic Algorithms fir a class of Constrained Global Optimisation Problems

Abdellah Salhi, L.G. Proll, D. Rios Insua, J.I. Martin (2010)

RAIRO - Operations Research

The solution of a variety of classes of global optimisation problems is required in the implementation of a framework for sensitivity analysis in multicriteria decision analysis. These problems have linear constraints, some of which have a particular structure, and a variety of objective functions, which may be smooth or non-smooth. The context in which they arise implies a need for a single, robust solution method. The literature contains few experimental results relevant to such a need. We...

La différentiation automatique et son utilisation en optimisation

Jean-Pierre Dussault (2008)

RAIRO - Operations Research

In this work, we present an introduction to automatic differentiation, its use in optimization software, and some new potential usages. We focus on the potential of this technique in optimization. We do not dive deeply in the intricacies of automatic differentiation, but put forward its key ideas. We sketch a survey, as of today, of automatic differentiation software, but warn the reader that the situation with respect to software evolves rapidly. In the last part of the paper, we present some...

MOPP-I: an optimization package for multipurpose batch operations.

M. Lázaro, Antonio Espuña Camarasa, Lluís Puigjaner Corbella (1989)


A number of algorithms have been developed -including enumeration of feasible production sequences, alternative task selection and the generation of alternative production lines- to determine the optimal sequence in which products and by-products should be produced and the times at which the various production operations for each product should be carried out to meet a given product demand pattern, taking into account the available equipment, storage costs, stopover penalties and other plant limitations.Product...

Object library of algorithms for dynamic optimization problems: benchmarking SQP and nonlinear interior point methods

Jacek Błaszczyk, Andrzej Karbowski, Krzysztof Malinowski (2007)

International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

The main purpose of this paper is to describe the design, implementation and possibilities of our object-oriented library of algorithms for dynamic optimization problems. We briefly present library classes for the formulation and manipulation of dynamic optimization problems, and give a general survey of solver classes for unconstrained and constrained optimization. We also demonstrate methods of derivative evaluation that we used, in particular automatic differentiation. Further, we briefly formulate...

ReSySTER: A hybrid recommender system for Scrum team roles based on fuzzy and rough sets

Ricardo Colomo-Palacios, Israel González-Carrasco, José Luis López-Cuadrado, Ángel García-Crespo (2012)

International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

Agile development is a crucial issue within software engineering because one of the goals of any project leader is to increase the speed and flexibility in the development of new commercial products. In this sense, project managers must find the best resource configuration for each of the work packages necessary for the management of software development processes in order to keep the team motivated and committed to the project and to improve productivity and quality. This paper presents ReSySTER,...

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