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A chaos-based secure cluster protocol for wireless sensor networks

Qian Fang, Ying Liu, Xiaoqun Zhao (2008)


Security mechanisms for wireless sensor networks (WSN) face a great challenge due to the restriction of their small sizes and limited energy. Hence, many protocols for WSN are not designed with the consideration of security. Chaotic cryptosystems have the advantages of high security and little cost of time and space, so this paper proposes a secure cluster routing protocol based on chaotic encryption as well as a conventional symmetric encryption scheme. First, a principal-subordinate chaotic function...

A large family of Boolean functions

Huaning Liu, Min Zhang (2016)

Acta Arithmetica

In a series of papers many Boolean functions with good cryptographic properties were constructed using number-theoretic methods. We construct a large family of Boolean functions by using polynomials over finite fields, and study their cryptographic properties: maximum Fourier coefficient, nonlinearity, average sensitivity, sparsity, collision and avalanche effect.

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