Arithmetic vector bundles and automorphic forms on Shimura varieties, II

Michael Harris

Compositio Mathematica (1986)

  • Volume: 60, Issue: 3, page 323-378
  • ISSN: 0010-437X

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Harris, Michael. "Arithmetic vector bundles and automorphic forms on Shimura varieties, II." Compositio Mathematica 60.3 (1986): 323-378. <>.

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AU - Harris, Michael
TI - Arithmetic vector bundles and automorphic forms on Shimura varieties, II
JO - Compositio Mathematica
PY - 1986
PB - Martinus Nijhoff Publishers
VL - 60
IS - 3
SP - 323
EP - 378
LA - eng
KW - automorphic vector bundles; automorphic forms on Shimura varieties; rationality of the Fourier-Jacobi coefficients
UR -
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