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A note on trilinear forms for reducible representations and Beilinson's conjectures

Michael HarrisAnthony Scholl — 2001

Journal of the European Mathematical Society

We extend Prasad’s results on the existence of trilinear forms on representations of G L 2 of a local field, by permitting one or more of the representations to be reducible principal series, with infinite-dimensional irreducible quotient. We apply this in a global setting to compute (unconditionally) the dimensions of the subspaces of motivic cohomology of the product of two modular curves constructed by Beilinson.

Automorphy for some l-adic lifts of automorphic mod l Galois representations

Laurent ClozelMichael HarrisRichard Taylor — 2008

Publications Mathématiques de l'IHÉS

We extend the methods of Wiles and of Taylor and Wiles from GL2 to higher rank unitary groups and establish the automorphy of suitable conjugate self-dual, regular (de Rham with distinct Hodge–Tate numbers), minimally ramified, l-adic lifts of certain automorphic mod l Galois representations of any dimension. We also make a conjecture about the structure of mod l automorphic forms on definite unitary groups, which would generalise a lemma of Ihara for GL2. Following Wiles’ method we show that this...

Automorphic realization of residual Galois representations

Robert GuralnickMichael HarrisNicholas M. Katz — 2010

Journal of the European Mathematical Society

We show that it is possible in rather general situations to obtain a finite-dimensional modular representation ρ of the Galois group of a number field F as a constituent of one of the modular Galois representations attached to automorphic representations of a general linear group over F , provided one works “potentially.” The proof is based on a close study of the monodromy of the Dwork family of Calabi–Yau hypersurfaces; this in turn makes use of properties of rigid local systems and the classification...

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