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Approximate solutions of abstract differential equations

Emil Vitásek — 2007

Applications of Mathematics

The methods of arbitrarily high orders of accuracy for the solution of an abstract ordinary differential equation are studied. The right-hand side of the differential equation under investigation contains an unbounded operator which is an infinitesimal generator of a strongly continuous semigroup of operators. Necessary and sufficient conditions are found for a rational function to approximate the given semigroup with high accuracy.

Transfer of boundary conditions for difference equations

Emil Vitásek — 2000

Applications of Mathematics

It is well-known that the idea of transferring boundary conditions offers a universal and, in addition, elementary means how to investigate almost all methods for solving boundary value problems for ordinary differential equations. The aim of this paper is to show that the same approach works also for discrete problems, i.e., for difference equations. Moreover, it will be found out that some results of this kind may be obtained also for some particular two-dimensional problems.

Approximate solution of an inhomogeneous abstract differential equation

Emil Vitásek — 2012

Applications of Mathematics

Recently, we have developed the necessary and sufficient conditions under which a rational function F ( h A ) approximates the semigroup of operators exp ( t A ) generated by an infinitesimal operator A . The present paper extends these results to an inhomogeneous equation u ' ( t ) = A u ( t ) + f ( t ) .

Transfer of conditions for singular boundary value problems

Petr PřikrylJiří TauferEmil Vitásek — 1989

Aplikace matematiky

Numerical solution of linear boundary value problems for ordinary differential equations by the method of transfer of conditions consists in replacing the problem under consideration by a sequence of initial value problems. The method of transfer for systems of equations of the first order with Lebesque integrable coefficients was studied by one of the authors before. The purpose of this paper is to extend the idea of the transfer of conditions to singular boundary value problems for a linear second-order...

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