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Algebraic approach to domain decomposition

Milan Práger — 1994

Banach Center Publications

An iterative procedure containing two parameters for solving linear algebraic systems originating from the domain decomposition technique is proposed. The optimization of the parameters is investigated. A numerical example is given as an illustration.

On a construction of fast direct solvers

Milan Práger — 2003

Applications of Mathematics

Fast direct solvers for the Poisson equation with homogeneous Dirichlet and Neumann boundary conditions on special triangles and tetrahedra are constructed. The domain given is extended by symmetrization or skew symmetrization onto a rectangle or a rectangular parallelepiped and a fast direct solver is used there. All extendable domains are found. Eigenproblems are also considered.

Eigenvalues and eigenfunctions of the Laplace operator on an equilateral triangle

Milan Práger — 1998

Applications of Mathematics

A boundary value problem for the Laplace equation with Dirichlet and Neumann boundary conditions on an equilateral triangle is transformed to a problem of the same type on a rectangle. This enables us to use, e.g., the cyclic reduction method for computing the numerical solution of the problem. By the same transformation, explicit formulae for all eigenvalues and all eigenfunctions of the corresponding operator are obtained.

Universally optimal approximation of functionals

Milan Práger — 1979

Aplikace matematiky

A universal optimal in order approximation of a general functional in the space of continuous periodic functions is constructed and its fundamental properties and some generalizations are investigated. As an application the approximation of singular integrals is considered and illustrated by numerical results.

An iterative method of alternating type for systems with special block matrices

Milan Práger — 1991

Applications of Mathematics

An iterative procedure for systems with matrices originalting from the domain decomposition technique is proposed. The procedure introduces one iteration parameter. The convergence and optimization of the method with respect to the parameter is investigated. The method is intended not as a preconditioner for the CG method but for the independent use.

The method of fictitious right-hand sides

Milan Práger — 1984

Aplikace matematiky

The paper deals with the application of a fast algorithm for the solution of finite-difference systems for boundary-value problems on a standard domain (e.g. on a rectangle) to the solution of a boundary-value problem on a domain of general shape contained in the standard domain. A simple iterative procedure is suggested for the determination of fictitious right-hand sides for the system on the standard domain so that its solution is the desired one. Under the assumptions that are usual for matrices...

The general form of local bilinear functions

Milan Práger — 1993

Applications of Mathematics

The scalar product of the FEM basis functions with non-intersecting supports vanishes. This property is generalized and the concept of local bilinear functional in a Hilbert space is introduced. The general form of such functionals in the spaces L 2 ( a , b ) and H 1 ( a , b ) is given.

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