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Log-majorizations and norm inequalities for exponential operators

Fumio Hiai — 1997

Banach Center Publications

Concise but self-contained reviews are given on theories of majorization and symmetrically normed ideals, including the proofs of the Lidskii-Wielandt and the Gelfand-Naimark theorems. Based on these reviews, we discuss logarithmic majorizations and norm inequalities of Golden-Thompson type and its complementary type for exponential operators on a Hilbert space. Furthermore, we obtain norm convergences for the exponential product formula as well as for that involving operator means.

A new approach to mutual information. II

Fumio HiaiTakuho Miyamoto — 2010

Banach Center Publications

A new concept of mutual pressure is introduced for potential functions on both continuous and discrete compound spaces via discrete micro-states of permutations, and its relations with the usual pressure and the mutual information are established. This paper is a continuation of the paper of Hiai and Petz in Banach Center Publications, Vol. 78.

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