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Bubble tree compactification of moduli spaces of vector bundles on surfaces

We announce some results on compactifying moduli spaces of rank 2 vector bundles on surfaces by spaces of vector bundles on trees of surfaces. This is thought as an algebraic counterpart of the so-called bubbling of vector bundles and connections in differential geometry. The new moduli spaces are algebraic spaces arising as quotients by group actions according to a result of Kollár. As an example, the compactification of the space of stable rank 2 vector bundles with Chern classes c 1 = 0, c 1...

Moduli spaces of decomposable morphisms of sheaves and quotients by non-reductive groups

Jean-Marc DrézetGünther Trautmann — 2003

Annales de l’institut Fourier

We extend the methods of geometric invariant theory to actions of non–reductive groups in the case of homomorphisms between decomposable sheaves whose automorphism groups are non–reductive. Given a linearization of the natural action of the group Aut ( E ) × Aut ( F ) on Hom(E,F), a homomorphism is called stable if its orbit with respect to the unipotent radical is contained in the stable locus with respect to the natural reductive subgroup of the automorphism group. We encounter effective numerical conditions for...

Vector bundles on non-Kaehler elliptic principal bundles

Vasile BrînzănescuAndrei D. HalanayGünther Trautmann — 2013

Annales de l’institut Fourier

We study relatively semi-stable vector bundles and their moduli on non-Kähler principal elliptic bundles over compact complex manifolds of arbitrary dimension. The main technical tools used are the twisted Fourier-Mukai transform and a spectral cover construction. For the important example of such principal bundles, the numerical invariants of a 3-dimensional non-Kähler elliptic principal bundle over a primary Kodaira surface are computed.

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