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The Ordinary Differential Equation with non-Lipschitz Vector Fields

Gianluca Crippa — 2008

Bollettino dell'Unione Matematica Italiana

In this note we survey some recent results on the well-posedness of the ordinary differential equation with non-Lipschitz vector fields. We introduce the notion of regular Lagrangian flow, which is the right concept of solution in this framework. We present two different approaches to the theory of regular Lagrangian flows. The first one is quite general and is based on the connection with the continuity equation, via the superposition principle. The second one exploits some quantitative a-priori...

Équations de transport à coefficient dont le gradient est donné par une intégrale singulière

François BouchutGianluca Crippa

Séminaire Équations aux dérivées partielles

Nous rappelons tout d’abord l’approche maintenant classique de renormalisation pour établir l’unicité des solutions faibles des équations de transport linéaires, en mentionnant les résultats récents qui s’y rattachent. Ensuite, nous montrons comment l’approche alternative introduite par Crippa et DeLellis estimant directement le flot lagrangien permet d’obtenir des résultats nouveaux. Nous établissons l’existence et l’unicité du flot associé à une équation de transport dont le coefficient a un gradient...

A variational problem for couples of functions and multifunctions with interaction between leaves

Emilio AcerbiGianluca CrippaDomenico Mucci — 2012

ESAIM: Control, Optimisation and Calculus of Variations

We discuss a variational problem defined on couples of functions that are constrained to take values into the 2-dimensional unit sphere. The energy functional contains, besides standard Dirichlet energies, a non-local interaction term that depends on the distance between the gradients of the two functions. Different gradients are preferred or penalized in this model, in dependence of the sign of the interaction term. In this paper we study the lower semicontinuity and the coercivity of the energy...

A uniqueness result for the continuity equation in two dimensions

Giovanni AlbertiStefano BianchiniGianluca Crippa — 2014

Journal of the European Mathematical Society

We characterize the autonomous, divergence-free vector fields b on the plane such that the Cauchy problem for the continuity equation t u + . ˙ ( b u ) = 0 admits a unique bounded solution (in the weak sense) for every bounded initial datum; the characterization is given in terms of a property of Sard type for the potential f associated to b . As a corollary we obtain uniqueness under the assumption that the curl of b is a measure. This result can be extended to certain non-autonomous vector fields b with bounded divergence....

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