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Operator preconditioning with efficient applications for nonlinear elliptic problems

Janos Karátson — 2012

Open Mathematics

This paper is devoted to the numerical solution of nonlinear elliptic partial differential equations. Such problems describe various phenomena in science. An approach that exploits Hilbert space theory in the numerical study of elliptic PDEs is the idea of preconditioning operators. In this survey paper we briefly summarize the main lines of this theory with various applications.

Harmonic averages, exact difference schemes and local Green’s functions in variable coefficient PDE problems

Owe AxelssonJános Karátson — 2013

Open Mathematics

A brief survey is given to show that harmonic averages enter in a natural way in the numerical solution of various variable coefficient problems, such as in elliptic and transport equations, also of singular perturbation types. Local Green’s functions used as test functions in the Petrov-Galerkin finite element method combined with harmonic averages can be very efficient and are related to exact difference schemes.

Sharp upper global a posteriori error estimates for nonlinear elliptic variational problems

János KarátsonSergey Korotov — 2009

Applications of Mathematics

The paper is devoted to the problem of verification of accuracy of approximate solutions obtained in computer simulations. This problem is strongly related to a posteriori error estimates, giving computable bounds for computational errors and detecting zones in the solution domain where such errors are too large and certain mesh refinements should be performed. A mathematical model embracing nonlinear elliptic variational problems is considered in this work. Based on functional type estimates developed...

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