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Recent Development of the DML-CZ and Its Current State

Rákosník, Jiří — 2011

Towards a Digital Mathematics Library. Bertinoro, Italy, July 20-21st, 2011

The project DML-CZ: The Czech Digital Mathematics Library has been implemented since 2005 and in 2010 switched over to routine operation. This report describes progress, growth and usage of the DML-CZ, the experience from cooperation with content providers in the designed editorial workflow, some newly implemented features, adjustments of the workflow following from both the ongoing practical experience and the requirements of the advancing EuDML project, the general public acceptance and attendance...

On a higher-order Hardy inequality

David Eric EdmundsJiří Rákosník — 1999

Mathematica Bohemica

The Hardy inequality Ω | u ( x ) | p d ( x ) - p x ¨ c Ω | u ( x ) | p x ¨ with d ( x ) = dist ( x , Ω ) holds for u C 0 ( Ω ) if Ω n is an open set with a sufficiently smooth boundary and if 1 < p < . P. Hajlasz proved the pointwise counterpart to this inequality involving a maximal function of Hardy-Littlewood type on the right hand side and, as a consequence, obtained the integral Hardy inequality. We extend these results for gradients of higher order and also for p = 1 .

From Pixels and Minds to the Mathematical Knowledge in a Digital Library

Sojka, PetrRákosník, Jiří — 2008

Towards Digital Mathematics Library. Birmingham, United Kingdom, July 27th, 2008

Experience in setting up a workflow from scanned images of mathematical papers into a fully fledged mathematical library is described on the example of the project Czech Digital Mathematics Library DML-CZ. An overview of the whole process is given, with description of all main production steps. DML-CZ has recently been launched to public with more than 100,000 digitized pages.

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