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Reflexivity of bilattices

Kamila Kliś-Garlicka — 2013

Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal

We study reflexivity of bilattices. Some examples of reflexive and non-reflexive bilattices are given. With a given subspace lattice we may associate a bilattice Σ . Similarly, having a bilattice Σ we may construct a subspace lattice Σ . Connections between reflexivity of subspace lattices and associated bilattices are investigated. It is also shown that the direct sum of any two bilattices is never reflexive.

Hyperreflexivity of bilattices

Kamila Kliś-Garlicka — 2016

Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal

The notion of a bilattice was introduced by Shulman. A bilattice is a subspace analogue for a lattice. In this work the definition of hyperreflexivity for bilattices is given and studied. We give some general results concerning this notion. To a given lattice we can construct the bilattice Σ . Similarly, having a bilattice Σ we may consider the lattice Σ . In this paper we study the relationship between hyperreflexivity of subspace lattices and of their associated bilattices. Some examples of hyperreflexive...

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