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Matrices induced by arithmetic functions, primes and groupoid actions of directed graphs

Ilwoo ChoPalle E. T. Jorgensen — 2015

Special Matrices

In this paper, we study groupoid actions acting on arithmetic functions. In particular, we are interested in the cases where groupoids are generated by directed graphs. By defining an injective map α from the graph groupoid G of a directed graph G to the algebra A of all arithmetic functions, we establish a corresponding subalgebra AG = C*[α(G)]︀ of A. We construct a suitable representation of AG, determined both by G and by an arbitrarily fixed prime p. And then based on this representation, we...

A C * -algebraic Schoenberg theorem

Ola BratteliPalle E. T. JorgensenAkitaka KishimotoDonald W. Robinson — 1984

Annales de l'institut Fourier

Let 𝔄 be a C * -algebra, G a compact abelian group, τ an action of G by * -automorphisms of 𝔄 , 𝔄 τ the fixed point algebra of τ and 𝔄 F the dense sub-algebra of G -finite elements in 𝔄 . Further let H be a linear operator from 𝔄 F into 𝔄 which commutes with τ and vanishes on 𝔄 τ . We prove that H is a complete dissipation if and only if H is closable and its closure generates a C 0 -semigroup of completely positive contractions. These complete dissipations are classified in terms of certain twisted negative definite...

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