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Conjugation spaces.

Hausmann, Jean-Claude, Holm, Tara, Puppe, Volker (2005)

Algebraic & Geometric Topology


On localization in holomorphic equivariant cohomology

Ugo Bruzzo, Vladimir Rubtsov (2012)

Open Mathematics


We study a holomorphic equivariant cohomology built out of the Atiyah algebroid of an equivariant holomorphic vector bundle and prove a related localization formula. This encompasses various residue formulas in complex geometry, in particular we shall show that it contains as special cases Carrell-Liebermann’s and Feng-Ma’s residue formulas, and Baum-Bott’s formula for the zeroes of a meromorphic vector field.

Equivariant principal bundles for G–actions and G–connections

Indranil Biswas, S. Senthamarai Kannan, D. S. Nagaraj (2015)

Complex Manifolds


Given a complex manifold M equipped with an action of a group G, and a holomorphic principal H–bundle EH on M, we introduce the notion of a connection on EH along the action of G, which is called a G–connection. We show some relationship between the condition that EH admits a G–equivariant structure and the condition that EH admits a (flat) G–connection. The cases of bundles on homogeneous spaces and smooth toric varieties are discussed.

Equivariant cohomology of the skyrmion bundle

Gross, Christian


The author constructs the gauged Skyrme model by introducing the skyrmion bundle as follows: instead of considering maps U : M SU N F he thinks of the meson fields as of global sections in a bundle B ( M , SU N F , G ) = P ( M , G ) × G SU N F . For calculations within the skyrmion bundle the author introduces by means of the so-called equivariant cohomology an analogue of the topological charge and the Wess-Zumino term. The final result of this paper is the following Theorem. For the skyrmion bundle with N F 6 , one has H * ( E G × G SU N F ) H * ( SU N F ) G S ( G ̲ * ) H * ( SU N F ) H * ( B G ) H * ( SU N F ) , where E G ( B G , G ) is the universal...