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Dual Blobs and Plancherel Formulas

Ju-Lee Kim (2004)

Bulletin de la Société Mathématique de France


Let k be a p -adic field. Let G be the group of k -rational points of a connected reductive group 𝖦 defined over k , and let 𝔤 be its Lie algebra. Under certain hypotheses on 𝖦 and k , wethe tempered dual G ^ of G via the Plancherel formula on 𝔤 , using some character expansions. This involves matching spectral decomposition factors of the Plancherel formulas on 𝔤 and G . As a consequence, we prove that any tempered representation contains a good minimal 𝖪 -type; we extend this result to irreducible...

Irreducibility of automorphic Galois representations of G L ( n ) , n at most 5

Frank Calegari, Toby Gee (2013)

Annales de l’institut Fourier


Let π be a regular, algebraic, essentially self-dual cuspidal automorphic representation of GL n ( 𝔸 F ) , where F is a totally real field and n is at most 5 . We show that for all primes l , the l -adic Galois representations associated to π are irreducible, and for all but finitely many primes l , the mod l Galois representations associated to π are also irreducible. We also show that the Lie algebras of the Zariski closures of the l -adic representations are independent of l .

On critical values of twisted Artin L -functions

Peng-Jie Wong (2017)

Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal


We give a simple proof that critical values of any Artin L -function attached to a representation ρ with character χ ρ are stable under twisting by a totally even character χ , up to the dim ρ -th power of the Gauss sum related to χ and an element in the field generated by the values of χ ρ and χ over . This extends a result of Coates and Lichtenbaum as well as the previous work of Ward.

-invariants and Darmon cycles attached to modular forms

Victor Rotger, Marco Adamo Seveso (2012)

Journal of the European Mathematical Society


Let f be a modular eigenform of even weight k 2 and new at a prime p dividing exactly the level with respect to an indefinite quaternion algebra. The theory of Fontaine-Mazur allows to attach to f a monodromy module D f F M and an -invariant f F M . The first goal of this paper is building a suitable p -adic integration theory that allows us to construct a new monodromy module D f and -invariant f , in the spirit of Darmon. The two monodromy modules are isomorphic, and in particular the two -invariants...

Locally analytic vectors of unitary principal series of  GL 2 ( p )

Ruochuan Liu, Bingyong Xie, Yuancao Zhang (2012)

Annales scientifiques de l'École Normale Supérieure


The p -adic local Langlands correspondence for  GL 2 ( p ) attaches to any 2 -dimensional irreducible p -adic representation V of  G p an admissible unitary representation Π ( V ) of  GL 2 ( p ) . The unitary principal series of  GL 2 ( p ) are those Π ( V ) corresponding to trianguline representations. In this article, for  p > 2 , using the machinery of Colmez, we determine the space of locally analytic vectors Π ( V ) an for all non-exceptional unitary principal series Π ( V ) of  GL 2 ( p ) by proving a conjecture of Emerton.