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The Flow Associated to Weakly Differentiable Vector Fields: Recent Results and Open Problems

Luigi Ambrosio (2007)

Bollettino dell'Unione Matematica Italiana


n this note we describe some recent developments of the theory of flows associated to vector fields with a low regularity with respect to the spatial variables, for instance with a Sobolev or BV regularity. After the illustration of some applica- tions of this theory to conservation laws and PDE's in fluid dynamics, we give an axiomatic presentation of the problem, based on a probabilistic approach inspired by the work of L.C. Young. In the final part we discuss very recent results on...

Bi-Lipschitz trivialization of the distance function to a stratum of a stratification

Adam Parusiński (2005)

Annales Polonici Mathematici


Given a Lipschitz stratification 𝒳 that additionally satisfies condition (δ) of Bekka-Trotman (for instance any Lipschitz stratification of a subanalytic set), we show that for every stratum N of 𝒳 the distance function to N is locally bi-Lipschitz trivial along N. The trivialization is obtained by integration of a Lipschitz vector field.

Multivector fields and connections. Applications to field theories.

Arturo Echeverría-Enríquez, Miguel Carlos Muñoz-Lecanda, Narciso Román-Roy (2002)



Se estudia la integrabilidad de campos multivectoriales en variedades diferenciables y la relación entre algunos tipos de campos multivectoriales en un fibrado de jets y conexiones en dicho fibrado. Como caso particular se relacionan los campos multivectoriales integrables y las conexiones cuyas secciones integrales son holonómicas. Como aplicación de todo ello, estos resultados permiten escribir las ecuaciones de campo de las teorías clásicas de campos de primer orden en varias formas...