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Computations of Galois representations associated to modular forms of level one

Peng Tian (2014)

Acta Arithmetica


We propose an improved algorithm for computing mod ℓ Galois representations associated to a cusp form f of level one. The proposed method allows us to explicitly compute the case with ℓ = 29 and f of weight k = 16, and the cases with ℓ = 31 and f of weight k = 12,20,22. All the results are rigorously proved to be correct. As an example, we will compute the values modulo 31 of Ramanujan's tau function at some huge primes up to a sign. Also we will give an improved...

New examples of modular rigid Calabi-Yau threefolds.

Matthias Schütt (2004)

Collectanea Mathematica


The aim of this article is to present five new examples of modular rigid Calabi-Yau threefolds by giving explicit correspondences to newforms of weight 4 and levels 10, 17, 21 and 73.

The modular characters of the twisted Chevalley group 2D4(2) over GF2.

Ibrahim A. I. Suleiman (1995)

Revista Matemática de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid


In this paper we calculate the 2-modular character table of the twisted Chevalley group 2D4(2) using computer techniques available in an algebra package called Meat-Axe. This package is now available in Mu'tah University as well as other universities such as Birmingham University in the UK and Aachen University in Germany. The determination of this character table will be a contribution to modular calculations of various simple groups.