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Hypersequents and fuzzy logic.

Dov Gabbay, George Metcalfe, Nicola Olivetti (2004)


Fuzzy logics based on t-norms and their residua have been investigated extensively from a semantic perspective but a unifying proof theory for these logics has, until recently, been lacking. In this paper we survey results of the authors and others which show that a suitable proof-theoretic framework for fuzzy logics is provided by hypersequents, a natural generalization of Gentzen-style sequents. In particular we present hypersequent calculi for the logic of left-continuous t-norms MTL and related...

Metastability in the Furstenberg-Zimmer tower

Jeremy Avigad, Henry Towsner (2010)

Fundamenta Mathematicae

According to the Furstenberg-Zimmer structure theorem, every measure-preserving system has a maximal distal factor, and is weak mixing relative to that factor. Furstenberg and Katznelson used this structural analysis of measure-preserving systems to provide a perspicuous proof of Szemerédi’s theorem. Beleznay and Foreman showed that, in general, the transfinite construction of the maximal distal factor of a separable measure-preserving system can extend arbitrarily far into the countable ordinals....

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