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Extension of semiclean rings

Chahrazade Bakkari, Mohamed Es-Saidi, Najib Mahdou, Moutu Abdou Salam Moutui (2022)

Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal

This paper aims at the study of the notions of periodic, UU and semiclean properties in various context of commutative rings such as trivial ring extensions, amalgamations and pullbacks. The results obtained provide new original classes of rings subject to various ring theoretic properties.

On the number of zero trace elements in polynomial bases for F2n.

Igor E. Shparlinski (2005)

Revista Matemática Complutense

Let Fq denote the finite field of q elements. O. Ahmadi and A. Menezes have recently considered the question about the possible number of elements with zero trace in polynomial bases of F2n over F2. Here we show that the Weil bound implies that there is such a basis with n + O(log n) zero-trace elements.

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