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A class of quasitilted rings that are not tilted

Riccardo Colpi, Kent R. Fuller, Enrico Gregorio (2006)

Colloquium Mathematicae

Based on the work of D. Happel, I. Reiten and S. Smalø on quasitilted artin algebras, the first two authors recently introduced the notion of quasitilted rings. Various authors have presented examples of quasitilted artin algebras that are not tilted. Here we present a class of right quasitilted rings that not right tilted, and we show that they satisfy a condition that would force a quasitilted artin algebra to be tilted.

A representation theorem for certain Boolean lattices.

José Ríos Montes (1988)

Publicacions Matemàtiques

Let R be an associative ring with 1 and R-tors the somplete Brouwerian lattice of all hereditary torsion theories on the category of left R-modules. A well known result asserts that R is a left semiartinian ring iff R-tors is a complete atomic Boolean lattice. In this note we prove that if L is a complete atomic Boolean lattice then there exists a left semiartinian ring R such that L is lattice-isomorphic to R-tors.

Algebras and spaces of dense constancies

Angelo Bella, Jorge Martinez, Scott D. Woodward (2001)

Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal

A DC-space (or space of dense constancies) is a Tychonoff space X such that for each f C ( X ) there is a family of open sets { U i i I } , the union of which is dense in X , such that f , restricted to each U i , is constant. A number of characterizations of DC-spaces are given, which lead to an algebraic generalization of the concept, which, in turn, permits analysis of DC-spaces in the language of archimedean f -algebras. One is led naturally to the notion of an almost DC-space (in which the densely constant functions...

Algebras of quotients with bounded evaluation of a normed semiprime algebra

M. Cabrera, Amir A. Mohammed (2003)

Studia Mathematica

We deal with the algebras consisting of the quotients that produce bounded evaluation on suitable ideals of the multiplication algebra of a normed semiprime algebra A. These algebras of quotients, which contain A, are subalgebras of the bounded algebras of quotients of A, and they have an algebra seminorm for which the relevant inclusions are continuous. We compute these algebras of quotients for some norm ideals on a Hilbert space H: 1) the algebras of quotients with bounded evaluation of the ideal...

Cohomologie locale de certains anneaux Auslander-Gorenstein.

Marie-Paule Malliavin (1992)

Publicacions Matemàtiques

We give axiomatic conditions in order to calculate the local cohomology of some idempotent kernel functors. These results lie in some new dimension introduced by T. Levasseur for Auslander-Gorenstein rings. Under some hypothesis, we generalize previous results.

Embedding torsionless modules in projectives.

Carl Faith (1990)

Publicacions Matemàtiques

In this paper we study a condition right FGTF on a ring R, namely when all finitely generated torsionless right R-modules embed in a free module. We show that for a von Neuman regular (VNR) ring R the condition is equivalent to every matrix ring Rn is a Baer ring; and this is right-left symmetric. Furthermore, for any Utumi VNR, this can be strengthened: R is FGTF iff R is self-injective.

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