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Structure theory for the group algebra of the symmetric group, with applications to polynomial identities for the octonions

Murray R. Bremner, Sara Madariaga, Luiz A. Peresi (2016)

Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae

This is a survey paper on applications of the representation theory of the symmetric group to the theory of polynomial identities for associative and nonassociative algebras. In §1, we present a detailed review (with complete proofs) of the classical structure theory of the group algebra 𝔽 S n of the symmetric group S n over a field 𝔽 of characteristic 0 (or p > n ). The goal is to obtain a constructive version of the isomorphism ψ : λ M d λ ( 𝔽 ) 𝔽 S n where λ is a partition of n and d λ counts the standard tableaux of shape λ ....

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