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Completion of partially ordered sets

Sergey A. Solovyov (2006)

Discussiones Mathematicae - General Algebra and Applications

The paper considers a generalization of the standard completion of a partially ordered set through the collection of all its lower sets.

Duality for CCD lattices.

Marmolejo, Francisco, Rosebrugh, Robert, Wood, R.J. (2009)

Theory and Applications of Categories [electronic only]

Information systems in categories of valued relations.

Vladimir B. Gisin (1994)

Mathware and Soft Computing

The paper presents a categorical version of the notion of information system due to D. Scott. The notion of information system is determined in the framework of ordered categories with involution and division and the category of information systems is constructed. The essential role in all definitions and constructions play correlations between inclusion relations and entailment relations.

Minimal finite models.

Barmak, Jonathan Ariel, Minian, Elias Gabriel (2007)

Journal of Homotopy and Related Structures

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