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A note on the separated maximum modulus points of meromorphic functions

Ewa Ciechanowicz, Ivan I. Marchenko (2014)

Annales Polonici Mathematici

We give an upper estimate of Petrenko's deviation for a meromorphic function of finite lower order in terms of Valiron's defect and the number p(∞,f) of separated maximum modulus points of the function. We also present examples showing that this estimate is sharp.

An algebraic addition-theorem for Weierstrass' elliptic function and nomograms

Akira Matsuda (1979)

Aplikace matematiky

A dual transformation is discussed, by which a concurrent chart represented by one equation is transformed into an alignment chart or into a tangential contact chart. Using this transformation an alignment chart where three scales coincide and a tangential contact chart consisting of a family of circles, which represent the relation u + v + w = 0 , are constructed. In this case, a form of the addition-theorem for Weierstrass’ function involving no derivative is used.

Comparative growth analysis of Wronskians in the light of their relative orders

Sanjib Kumar Datta, Tanmay Biswas, Ahsanul Hoque (2015)

Annales Universitatis Paedagogicae Cracoviensis. Studia Mathematica

In this paper we study the comparative growth properties of a composition of entire and meromorphic functions on the basis of the relative order (relative lower order) of Wronskians generated by entire and meromorphic functions.

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