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A recovery of Brouncker's proof for the quadrature continued fraction.

Sergey Khrushchev (2006)

Publicacions Matemàtiques

350 years ago in Spring of 1655 Sir William Brouncker on a request by John Wallis obtained a beautiful continued fraction for 4/π. Brouncker never published his proof. Many sources on the history of Mathematics claim that this proof was lost forever. In this paper we recover the original proof from Wallis' remarks presented in his Arithmetica Infinitorum. We show that Brouncker's and Wallis' formulas can be extended to MacLaurin's sinusoidal spirals via related Euler's products. We derive Ramanujan's...

Connections between Romanovski and other polynomials

Hans Weber (2007)

Open Mathematics

A connection between Romanovski polynomials and those polynomials that solve the one-dimensional Schrödinger equation with the trigonometric Rosen-Morse and hyperbolic Scarf potential is established. The map is constructed by reworking the Rodrigues formula in an elementary and natural way. The generating function is summed in closed form from which recursion relations and addition theorems follow. Relations to some classical polynomials are also given.

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