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A convergence result for the Gradient Flow of ∫ |A| 2 in Riemannian Manifolds

Annibale Magni (2015)

Geometric Flows

We study the gradient flow of the L2−norm of the second fundamental form for smooth immersions of two-dimensional surfaces into compact Riemannian manifolds. By analogy with the results obtained in [10] and [11] for the Willmore flow, we prove lifespan estimates in terms of the L2−concentration of the second fundamental form of the initial data and we show the existence of blowup limits. Under special condition both on the initial data and on the target manifold, we prove a long time existence result...

Analyse mathématique de modèles variationells en simulation pétrolière. Le cas du modèle black-oil pseudo-compositionnel standard isoterme.

Gérard Gagneux, Ann-Marie Lefevere, Monique Madaune-Tort (1989)

Revista Matemática de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid

The aim of the paper is an analytical and numerical approach to the pseudo-compositional black-oil model for simulating a 3-D isothermal constrained polyphasic flow in porous media, taking into account realistic boundary conditions. The handling of the component conservation laws leads to a strongly coupled system including parabolic quasilinear degenerated equations and first-order hyperbolic inequalities: the introduction of unilateral problems arises from the nature of the thermodynamical equilibrium...

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