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A class of statistical and σ -conservative matrices

Hüsamettin Çoşkun, Celal Çakan (2005)

Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal

In [5] and [10], statistical-conservative and σ -conservative matrices were characterized. In this note we have determined a class of statistical and σ -conservative matrices studying some inequalities which are analogous to Knopp’s Core Theorem.

A new proof of multisummability of formal solutions of non linear meromorphic differential equations

Jean-Pierre Ramis, Yasutaka Sibuya (1994)

Annales de l'institut Fourier

We give a new proof of multisummability of formal power series solutions of a non linear meromorphic differential equation. We use the recent Malgrange-Ramis definition of multisummability. The first proof of the main result is due to B. Braaksma. Our method of proof is very different: Braaksma used Écalle definition of multisummability and Laplace transform. Starting from a preliminary normal form of the differential equation x d y d x = G 0 ( x ) + λ ( x ) + A 0 y + x μ G ( x , y ) , the idea of our proof is to interpret a formal power series solution...

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