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A remark on a modified Szász-Mirakjan operator

Guanzhen Zhou, Songping Zhou (1999)

Colloquium Mathematicae

We prove that, for a sequence of positive numbers δ(n), if n 1 / 2 δ ( n ) ¬ as n , to guarantee that the modified Szász-Mirakjan operators S n , δ ( f , x ) converge to f(x) at every point, f must be identically zero.

Density methods and results in approximation theory

Allan Pinkus (2004)

Banach Center Publications

Approximation theory and functional analysis share many common problems and points of contact. One of the areas of mutual interest is that of density results. In this paper we briefly survey various methods and results in this area starting from work of Weierstrass and Riesz, and extending to more recent times.

Strong uniqueness.

Kroó, András, Pinkus, Allan (2010)

Surveys in Approximation Theory (SAT)[electronic only]

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