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2-normed Algebras-II

Neeraj Srivastava, S. Bhattacharya, S. N. Lal (2011)

Publications de l'Institut Mathématique

Closed operators affiliated with a Banach algebra of operators

Bruce Barnes (1992)

Studia Mathematica

Let ℬ be a Banach algebra of bounded linear operators on a Banach space X. If S is a closed operator in X such that (λ - S)^{-1} ∈ ℬ for some number λ, then S is affiliated with ℬ. The object of this paper is to study the spectral theory and Fredholm theory relative to ℬ of an operator which is affiliated with ℬ. Also, applications are given to semigroups of operators which are contained in ℬ.

Convexity around the Unit of a Banach Algebra

Kadets, Vladimir, Katkova, Olga, Martín, Miguel, Vishnyakova, Anna (2008)

Serdica Mathematical Journal

2000 Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary: 46B20. Secondary: 46H99, 47A12.We estimate the (midpoint) modulus of convexity at the unit 1 of a Banach algebra A showing that inf {max±||1 ± x|| − 1 : x ∈ A, ||x||=ε} ≥ (π/4e)ε²+o(ε²) as ε → 0. We also give a characterization of two-dimensional subspaces of Banach algebras containing the identity in terms of polynomial inequalities.

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