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A property for locally convex *-algebras related to property (T) and character amenability

Xiao Chen, Anthony To-Ming Lau, Chi-Keung Ng (2015)

Studia Mathematica

For a locally convex *-algebra A equipped with a fixed continuous *-character ε (which is roughly speaking a generalized F*-algebra), we define a cohomological property, called property (FH), which is similar to character amenability. Let C c ( G ) be the space of continuous functions with compact support on a second countable locally compact group G equipped with the convolution *-algebra structure and a certain inductive topology. We show that ( C c ( G ) , ε G ) has property (FH) if and only if G has property (T). On...

A spectral mapping theorem for Banach modules

H. Seferoğlu (2003)

Studia Mathematica

Let G be a locally compact abelian group, M(G) the convolution measure algebra, and X a Banach M(G)-module under the module multiplication μ ∘ x, μ ∈ M(G), x ∈ X. We show that if X is an essential L¹(G)-module, then σ ( T μ ) = μ ̂ ( s p ( X ) ) ¯ for each measure μ in reg(M(G)), where T μ denotes the operator in B(X) defined by T μ x = μ x , σ(·) the usual spectrum in B(X), sp(X) the hull in L¹(G) of the ideal I X = f L ¹ ( G ) | T f = 0 , μ̂ the Fourier-Stieltjes transform of μ, and reg(M(G)) the largest closed regular subalgebra of M(G); reg(M(G)) contains all...

Bounded elements in certain topological partial *-algebras

Jean-Pierre Antoine, Camillo Trapani, Francesco Tschinke (2011)

Studia Mathematica

We continue our study of topological partial *-algebras, focusing on the interplay between various partial multiplications. The special case of partial *-algebras of operators is examined first, in particular the link between strong and weak multiplications, on one hand, and invariant positive sesquilinear (ips) forms, on the other. Then the analysis is extended to abstract topological partial *-algebras, emphasizing the crucial role played by appropriate bounded elements, called ℳ-bounded. Finally,...

Closed ideals in topological algebras: a characterization of the topological Φ -algebra C k ( X )

F. Montalvo, Antonio A. Pulgarín, Batildo Requejo Fernández (2006)

Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal

Let A be a uniformly closed and locally m-convex Φ -algebra. We obtain internal conditions on A stated in terms of its closed ideals for A to be isomorphic and homeomorphic to C k ( X ) , the Φ -algebra of all the real continuous functions on a normal topological space X endowed with the compact convergence topology.

Dual Banach algebras: representations and injectivity

Matthew Daws (2007)

Studia Mathematica

We study representations of Banach algebras on reflexive Banach spaces. Algebras which admit such representations which are bounded below seem to be a good generalisation of Arens regular Banach algebras; this class includes dual Banach algebras as defined by Runde, but also all group algebras, and all discrete (weakly cancellative) semigroup algebras. Such algebras also behave in a similar way to C*- and W*-algebras; we show that interpolation space techniques can be used in place of GNS type arguments....

Finite rank elements in semisimple Banach algebras

Matej Brešar, Peter Šemrl (1998)

Studia Mathematica

Let A be a semisimple Banach algebra. We define the rank of a nonzero element a in the socle of A to be the minimum of the number of minimal left ideals whose sum contains a. Several characterizations of rank are proved.

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