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Ends and quasicomponents

Nikita Shekutkovski, Gorgi Markoski (2010)

Open Mathematics

Let X be a connected locally compact metric space. It is known that if X is locally connected, then the space of ends (Freudenthal ends), EX, can be represented as the inverse limit of the set (space) S(X C) of components of X C, i.e., as the inverse limit of the inverse system E X = lim ( S ( X C ) ) , i n c l u s i o n s , C c o m p a c t i n X ) . In this paper, the above result is significantly improved. It is shown that for a space which is not locally connected, we can replace the space of components by the space of quasicomponents Q(X C) of X C. The following...

k -systems, k -networks and k -covers

Jinjin Li, Shou Lin (2006)

Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal

The concepts of k -systems, k -networks and k -covers were defined by A. Arhangel’skiǐ in 1964, P. O’Meara in 1971 and R. McCoy, I. Ntantu in 1985, respectively. In this paper the relationships among k -systems, k -networks and k -covers are further discussed and are established by m k -systems. As applications, some new characterizations of quotients or closed images of locally compact metric spaces are given by means of m k -systems.

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