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A Note on Hamiltonian Lie Group Actions and Massey Products

Zofia Stępień, Aleksy Tralle (2004)

Bulletin of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Mathematics

We show that the property of having only vanishing triple Massey products in equivariant cohomology is inherited by the set of fixed points of hamiltonian circle actions on closed symplectic manifolds. This result can be considered in a more general context of characterizing homotopic properties of Lie group actions. In particular it can be viewed as a partial answer to a question posed by Allday and Puppe about finding conditions ensuring the "formality" of G-actions.

Cohomology C -algebra and rational homotopy type

Tornike Kadeishvili (2009)

Banach Center Publications

In the rational cohomology of a 1-connected space a structure of C -algebra is constructed and it is shown that this object determines the rational homotopy type.

Formality and the Lefschetz property in symplectic and cosymplectic geometry

Giovanni Bazzoni, Marisa Fernández, Vicente Muñoz (2015)

Complex Manifolds

We review topological properties of Kähler and symplectic manifolds, and of their odd-dimensional counterparts, coKähler and cosymplectic manifolds. We focus on formality, Lefschetz property and parity of Betti numbers, also distinguishing the simply-connected case (in the Kähler/symplectic situation) and the b1 = 1 case (in the coKähler/cosymplectic situation).

Topological complexity of motion planning and Massey products

Mark Grant (2009)

Banach Center Publications

We employ Massey products to find sharper lower bounds for the Schwarz genus of a fibration than those previously known. In particular we give examples of non-formal spaces X for which the topological complexity TC(X) (defined to be the genus of the free path fibration on X) is greater than the zero-divisors cup-length plus one.

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