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A class of unbiased kernel estimates of a probability density function

Tomasz Rychlik (1995)

Applicationes Mathematicae

We propose a class of unbiased and strongly consistent nonparametric kernel estimates of a probability density function, based on a random choice of the sample size and the kernel function. The expected sample size can be arbitrarily small and mild conditions on the local behavior of the density function are imposed.

Accelerated Monte Carlo estimation of exceedance probabilities under monotonicity constraints

Nicolas Bousquet (2012)

Annales de la faculté des sciences de Toulouse Mathématiques

The problem of estimating the probability p = P ( g ( X ) 0 ) is considered when X represents a multivariate stochastic input of a monotonic function g . First, a heuristic method to bound p , originally proposed by de Rocquigny (2009), is formally described, involving a specialized design of numerical experiments. Then a statistical estimation of p is considered based on a sequential stochastic exploration of the input space. A maximum likelihood estimator of p build from successive dependent Bernoulli data is defined...

Bayes sequential estimation procedures for exponential-type processes

Ryszard Magiera (1994)

Applicationes Mathematicae

The Bayesian sequential estimation problem for an exponential family of processes is considered. Using a weighted square error loss and observing cost involving a linear function of the process, the Bayes sequential procedures are derived.

Bregman superquantiles. Estimation methods and applications

T. Labopin-Richard, F. Gamboa, A. Garivier, B. Iooss (2016)

Dependence Modeling

In thiswork,we extend some parameters built on a probability distribution introduced before to the casewhere the proximity between real numbers is measured by using a Bregman divergence. This leads to the definition of the Bregman superquantile (thatwe can connect with severalworks in economy, see for example [18] or [9]). Axioms of a coherent measure of risk discussed previously (see [31] or [3]) are studied in the case of Bregman superquantile. Furthermore,we deal with asymptotic properties of...

Efficient robust estimation of time-series regression models

Pavel Čížek (2008)

Applications of Mathematics

The paper studies a new class of robust regression estimators based on the two-step least weighted squares (2S-LWS) estimator which employs data-adaptive weights determined from the empirical distribution or quantile functions of regression residuals obtained from an initial robust fit. Just like many existing two-step robust methods, the proposed 2S-LWS estimator preserves robust properties of the initial robust estimate. However, contrary to the existing methods, the first-order asymptotic behavior...

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