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A GA-P algorithm to automatically formulate extended Boolean queries for a fuzzy information retrieval system.

Oscar Cordón, Félix de Moya, Carmen Zarco (2000)

Mathware and Soft Computing

Although the fuzzy retrieval model constitutes a powerful extension of the Boolean one, being able to deal with the imprecision and subjectivity existing in the Information Retrieval process, users are not usually able to express their query requirements in the form of an extended Boolean query including weights. To solve this problem, different tools to assist the user in the query formulation have been proposed. In this paper, the genetic algorithm-programming technique is considered to build...

A method of constructing the frame of a directed graph

Ichiro Hofuku, Kunio Oshima (2013)

International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

In web search engines, such as Google, the ranking of a particular keyword is determined by mathematical tools, e.g., Pagerank or Hits. However, as the size of the network increases, it becomes increasingly difficult to use keyword ranking to quickly find the information required by an individual user. One reason for this phenomenon is the interference of superfluous information with the link structure. The World Wide Web can be expressed as an enormous directed graph. The purpose of the present...

Bringing introspection into BlobSeer: Towards a self-adaptive distributed data management system

Alexandra Carpen-Amarie, Alexandru Costan, Jing Cai, Gabriel Antoniu, Luc Bougé (2011)

International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

Introspection is the prerequisite of autonomic behavior, the first step towards performance improvement and resource usage optimization for large-scale distributed systems. In grid environments, the task of observing the application behavior is assigned to monitoring systems. However, most of them are designed to provide general resource information and do not consider specific information for higher-level services. More precisely, in the context of data-intensive applications, a specific introspection...

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