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f ( R ) theories.

De Felice, Antonio, Tsujikawa, Shinji (2010)

Living Reviews in Relativity [electronic only]

New Vacuum Solutions for Quadratic Metric-Affine Gravity - a Metric Affine Model for the Massless Neutrino?

Pasic, Vedad (2010)

Mathematica Balkanica New Series

AMS Subj. Classification: 83C15, 83C35In this paper we present an overview of our research that was presented at theMASSEE International Congress on Mathematics MICOM 2009 in Ohrid, Macedonia. We deal with quadratic metric–affine gravity, which is an alternative theory of gravity. We present new vacuum solutions for this theory and an attempt to give their physical interpretation on the basis of comparison with existing classical models. These new explicit vacuum solutions of quadratic metric–affine...

Non-Riemannian gravitational interactions

Robin Tucker, Charles Wang (1997)

Banach Center Publications

Recent developments in theories of non-Riemannian gravitational interactions are outlined. The question of the motion of a fluid in the presence of torsion and metric gradient fields is approached in terms of the divergence of the Einstein tensor associated with a general connection. In the absence of matter the variational equations associated with a broad class of actions involving non-Riemannian fields give rise to an Einstein-Proca system associated with the standard Levi-Civita connection.

Scalar perturbations in f(R) cosmologies in the late Universe

Jan Novák (2017)

Archivum Mathematicum

Standard approach in cosmology is hydrodynamical approach, when galaxies are smoothed distributions of matter. Then we model the Universe as a fluid. But we know, that the Universe has a discrete structure on scales 150 - 370 MPc. Therefore we must use the generalized mechanical approach, when is the mass concentrated in points. Methods of computations are then different. We focus on f ( R ) -theories of gravity and we work in the cell of uniformity in the late Universe. We do the scalar perturbations...

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