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Bounded expansion in web graphs

Silvia Gago, Dirk Schlatter (2009)

Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae

In this paper we study various models for web graphs with respect to bounded expansion. All the deterministic models even have constant expansion, whereas the copying model has unbounded expansion. The most interesting case turns out to be the preferential attachment model --- which we conjecture to have unbounded expansion, too.

Erlang distributed activity times in stochastic activity networks

Yousry H. Abdelkader (2003)


It is assumed that activity times in stochastic activity networks (SANs) are independent Erlang random variable (r.v.). A recurrence method of determining the k th moments of the completion time is presented. Applications are provided for illustration and are used to evaluate the applicability and appropriateness of the Erlang model to represent activity network.

Joint queue-perturbed and weakly coupled power control for wireless backbone networks

Thomas Otieno Olwal, Karim Djouani, Okuthe P. Kogeda, Barend Jacobus van Wyk (2012)

International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

Wireless Backbone Networks (WBNs) equipped with Multi-Radio Multi-Channel (MRMC) configurations do experience power control problems such as the inter-channel and co-channel interference, high energy consumption at multiple queues and unscalable network connectivity. Such network problems can be conveniently modelled using the theory of queue perturbation in the multiple queue systems and also as a weak coupling in a multiple channel wireless network. Consequently, this paper proposes a queue perturbation...

Localización sobre redes estocásticas con criterio minisum.

José Muñoz Pérez (1982)

Trabajos de Estadística e Investigación Operativa

Se considera el problema de localización de centros de servicio sobre redes estocásticas, donde los puntos de demanda son cada uno de los puntos de los arcos, así como los nodos de la red y el tiempo de duración de los trayectos, sobre los arcos de la red, son variables aleatorias discretas con distribuciones de probabilidad conocidas. Bajo un conjunto particular de supuestos, se encuentra que siempre existe un conjunto de m puntos de la red que son puntos medios de los arcos, o nodos de la red,...

Modèles Analytiques de Routeurs

Emmanuel Besson (2010)

RAIRO - Operations Research

We focus on performance study of routers in high-speed network through a queuing network analytical model. Such a model gives accurate results about classical performance criteria. For example, analytical study of packet loss probabilities in a router uses a product-form queuing network. The analytical results are compared to simulation results, and they provide routers managers with invaluable information for internal memories tuning.

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