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A fast Lagrangian heuristic for large-scale capacitated lot-size problems with restricted cost structures

Kjetil K. Haugen, Guillaume Lanquepin-Chesnais, Asmund Olstad (2012)


In this paper, we demonstrate the computational consequences of making a simple assumption on production cost structures in capacitated lot-size problems. Our results indicate that our cost assumption of increased productivity over time has dramatic effects on the problem sizes which are solvable. Our experiments indicate that problems with more than 1000 products in more than 1000 time periods may be solved within reasonable time. The Lagrangian decomposition algorithm we use does of course not...

A good approximation of the inventory level in a (Q, r) perishable inventory system

Huan Neng Chiu (2010)

RAIRO - Operations Research

This paper derives a good approach to approximating the expected inventory level per unit time for the continuous review (Q, r) perishable inventory system. Three existing approximation approaches are examined and compared with the proposed approach. Three stockout cases, including the full backorder, the partial backorder, and the full lost sales cases, which customers or material users generally use to respond to a stockout condition are considered. This study reveals the fact that the...

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