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A novel interval arithmetic approach for solving differential-algebraic equations with VALENCIA-IVP

Andreas Rauh, Michael Brill, Clemens Günther (2009)

International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

The theoretical background and the implementation of a new interval arithmetic approach for solving sets of differentialalgebraic equations (DAEs) are presented. The proposed approach computes guaranteed enclosures of all reachable states of dynamical systems described by sets of DAEs with uncertainties in both initial conditions and system parameters. The algorithm is based on VALENCIA-IVP, which has been developed recently for the computation of verified enclosures of the solution sets of initial...

An efficient computation of the solution of the block decoupling problem with coefficient assignment over a ring

Jean Assan, Anna Maria Perdon (1999)


The paper presents procedures to check solvability and to compute solutions to the Block Decoupling Problem over a Noetherian ring and procedures to compute a feedback law that assigns the coefficients of the compensated system while mantaining the decoupled structure over a Principal Ideal Domain. The algorithms have been implemented using MapleV® and CoCoA [CoCoA].

Nonlinear stabilizing control of an uncertain bioprocess model

Neli Dimitrova, Mikhail Krastanov (2009)

International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

In this paper we consider a nonlinear model of a biological wastewater treatment process, based on two microbial populations and two substrates. The model, described by a four-dimensional dynamic system, is known to be practically verified and reliable. First we study the equilibrium points of the open-loop system, their stability and local bifurcations with respect to the control variable. Further we propose a feedback control law for asymptotic stabilization of the closed-loop system towards a...

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