Vertex algebras and algebraic curves

Edward Frenkel

Séminaire Bourbaki (1999-2000)

  • Volume: 42, page 299-339
  • ISSN: 0303-1179

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Frenkel, Edward. "Vertex algebras and algebraic curves." Séminaire Bourbaki 42 (1999-2000): 299-339. <>.

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AU - Frenkel, Edward
TI - Vertex algebras and algebraic curves
JO - Séminaire Bourbaki
PY - 1999-2000
PB - Société Mathématique de France
VL - 42
SP - 299
EP - 339
LA - eng
KW - vertex algebras; Virasoro algebra; conformal field theory; moduli space of curves; chiral algebras
UR -
ER -


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