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Multiplier transformations on H p spaces

Daning ChenDashan Fan — 1998

Studia Mathematica

The authors obtain some multiplier theorems on H p spaces analogous to the classical L p multiplier theorems of de Leeuw. The main result is that a multiplier operator ( T f ) ( x ) = λ ( x ) f ̂ ( x ) ( λ C ( n ) ) is bounded on H p ( n ) if and only if the restriction λ ( ε m ) m Λ is an H p ( T n ) bounded multiplier uniformly for ε>0, where Λ is the integer lattice in n .

L boundedness of a singular integral operator.

Dashan FanYibiao Pan — 1997

Publicacions Matemàtiques

In this paper we study a singular integral operator T with rough kernel. This operator has singularity along sets of the form {x = Q(|y|)y'}, where Q(t) is a polynomial satisfying Q(0) = 0. We prove that T is a bounded operator in the space L2(Rn), n ≥ 2, and this bound is independent of the coefficients of Q(t). We also obtain certain Hardy type inequalities related to this operator.

Oscillatory kernels in certain Hardy-type spaces

Lung-Kee ChenDashan Fan — 1994

Studia Mathematica

We consider a convolution operator Tf = p.v. Ω ⁎ f with Ω ( x ) = K ( x ) e i h ( x ) , where K(x) is an (n,β) kernel near the origin and an (α,β), α ≥ n, kernel away from the origin; h(x) is a real-valued C function on n 0 . We give a criterion for such an operator to be bounded from the space H 0 p ( n ) into itself.

Regularity of some nonlinear quantities on superharmonic functions in local Herz-type Hardy spaces.

Dashan FanShanzhen LuDachun Yang — 1998

Publicacions Matemàtiques

In this paper, the authors introduce a kind of local Hardy spaces in R associated with the local Herz spaces. Then the authors investigate the regularity in these local Hardy spaces of some nonlinear quantities on superharmonic functions on R. The main results of the authors extend the corresponding results of Evans and Müller in a recent paper.

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